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  • Happy New Year and holiday schedule

    Thanks for your support for my work in the past years. 2023 is coming. In the special time, we would like to say “Happy New Year” and would like to take our best wishes to you and your family. Sincerely hope that your new year is full of love and peace. It will be our new year holid...
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  • DFL Company Activity

    DFL Company Activity

    It was the eighth time to take part in the “one hundred teams’ activity. To learn with other guys and to see what other people are doing? One person can go fast, but a team can go further. It is an activity with 45days from Aug.17th to Sep.30th. To show our sales situation and also to...
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  • Hug every employee

    Hug every employee

    A very interesting activity to hug everyone. As you know, most Chinese people are very introverted and are reluctant to have physical contact with others, especially between bosses and employees. Fortunately, our company is like a big family, full of joy and trust. We warmly open our arms and ...
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  • Quality Management system ISO9001:2015 by CNAS and CQC certificate

    Quality Management system ISO9001:2015 by CNAS and CQC certificate

    Quality Control system :ISO9001:2015 by CNAS and CQC certificate for the naturalstones,ledgestone In order to better control the quality and provide customers with qualified stone products, in addition to training our own quality inspection department, the company also carries out the annual re...
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  • How to control the quality of the stone wall clading?

    How to control the quality of the stone wall clading?

    How to keep each stone panel can match very well? Detail video show you directly #stoneveneer,#stonepanel,#stoned...
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  • Happy National holiday.

    Chinese National holiday is coming ,companies are closed,we are going to have the  holiday from Oct.1st to 7th. But I will stay and continue to serve you. I hope I can use this holiday to do something for you. Because the orders during the holiday will be piled up after the holiday,if you have ...
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  • Restriction on the electricity consumption of enterprises

    It is the latest policy that we would like to update for you . Due to the impact of the COVID-19, many countries couldn’t produce normal .  China has more better control for the COVID-19 and most of the factories can produce normally . China’s export orders have skyrocketed and factories ...
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  • New design for stone cubic wall panels

    New design for stone cubic wall panels

    We are producing the special shape natural stone wall panels for North American market for your reference . The detail is as follows:   Each panel is composed by 3 lines and each line has 6cm gap .
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  • Happy Dragon boat festival

    It will be the dragon boat festival on Next Monday .  For better learn about Chinese  culture ,we would like to talk more about the dragon boat festival history  . The dragon boat festival(Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It was originally a festival in summer to dr...
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  • How to spent Merry Christmas in different countries ?

      Merry Christmas  my friend , It’s already mid-December. Is Christmas far away? Before Christmas comes, we wish you a hurry and wish you a happy work and a happy family in the new year Thank you for your attention to us and hope that we will have further exchanges in 2021. Let’s talk ...
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  • Ingenious use of landscape stone in nature

    Ingenious use of landscape stone in nature

    For landscape stone, designers are in love with the natural arts and arts of stone. The primitive simplicity of fracture surface and the natural pattern break the original continuity, which brings great visual impact and unexpected effect. The art of nature The natural surface of stone is a kind...
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  • Are we wrong in dealing with the defects of stone?

    Are we wrong in dealing with the defects of stone?

    My friend once asked me if I was very tired when I was engaged in the production and manufacturing of stone industry for more than 20 years? My answer is yes, “tired, not generally tired, but very tired.” The reason of tired is not the heavy and arduous production task, but a series o...
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