How to spent Merry Christmas in different countries ?


Merry Christmas  my friend ,

It’s already mid-December. Is Christmas far away?
Before Christmas comes, we wish you a hurry and wish you a happy work and a happy family in the new year

Thank you for your attention to us and hope that we will have further exchanges in 2021.

Let’s talk more about the custom of the Christmas in different countries . 

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1. The British people pay most attention to eating at Christmas. Food includes roast pig, turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas minced meat pie, etc. Every family member has gifts and servants have a share. All gifts are delivered on Christmas morning. Some Christmas singers walk along the door to sing good news from house to house. They will be invited into the house by the host to entertain them with refreshments or give small gifts.

2. Because the United States is a country composed of many ethnic groups, the circumstances in which Americans celebrate Christmas are also the most complicated. Immigrants from various countries still follow the customs of their home countries. However, during the Christmas period, the garlands and other unique decorations outside the doors of Americans are the same.

3. The average adult in France almost goes to the church to attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. After that, the family went to the house of the oldest married brother or sister to reunite for dinner. This rally was about discussing important issues at home, but if there were family members who were not in harmony, the disagreement was relieved afterwards. Everyone must be reconciled as before, so Christmas is a benevolent day in France.

4. Children in Spain will put shoes outside the door or window to receive Christmas gifts. In many cities there are gifts for the most beautiful children. The cows were also treated well that day. It is said that when Jesus was born, a cow breathed into him to warm him.

5. Every Italian family has a model scene of the birth story. On Christmas Eve, the family reunited for a big meal and attended Christmas Mass at midnight. After that, I went to visit relatives and friends. Only children and the elderly received gifts. At Christmas, Italians have a very good custom. Children write essays or poems to express their gratitude to their parents for their upbringing over the past year. Their works were hidden in napkins, under plates or tablecloths before eating Christmas dinner, and their parents pretended not to see them. After they finished the big meal, they took it back and read it to everyone.

6. The Swedes are very hospitable. At Christmas, it is more obvious. A family is beautiful. Whether rich or poor, friends are welcome, and even strangers can go. All kinds of food are placed on the table for anyone to eat. .

7. Denmark first introduced Christmas

stamps and anti-tuberculosis stamps, which were issued to raise funds for anti-tuberculosis funds. There is no such stamp on Christmas mail sent by Danes. Those who receive emails will feel more like it when they see more Christmas stamps!




Post time: Dec-18-2020