Ingenious use of landscape stone in nature

For landscape stone, designers are in love with the natural arts and arts of stone. The primitive simplicity of fracture surface and the natural pattern break the original continuity, which brings great visual impact and unexpected effect.

The art of nature

The natural surface of stone is a kind of natural surface without any treatment, which is formed naturally, such as slate. The surface of granite has natural undulation and fracture.

If you look at the natural arts and Sciences on the walls, the wild charm of uninhibited nature is exuded in the coarse mines. The sunlight pours down through the gaps between the branches and leaves, layer by layer on the wall. This space suddenly becomes more peaceful and peaceful and harmonious.

Entering here from the prosperous place, people don’t feel that they want to stop here and feel it slowly.

Texture of groove surface

Slotting the depth and width of the stone surface is the common place of stair steps. It is not only anti-skid, but also has obvious visual effect, forming a unique texture in the arts and Sciences.

This deep shallow, with the surrounding flowers and plants high and low, complement each other, the man followed the eyes to pursue a more beautiful end.

Landscape snow wave stone

Landscape snow wave stone lines are smooth and clear, black and white on the stone, simple and deep, black like the earth like cliffs, white snow like snow training waterfall. Sometimes bright, sometimes calm, like a landscape painting.

Post time: Oct-11-2020