Happy Dragon boat festival

It will be the dragon boat festival on Next Monday . 

For better learn about Chinese  culture ,we would like to talk more about the dragon boat festival history  .

The dragon boat festival(Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It was originally a festival in summer to drive away the plague. Later, Qu Yuan, a poet of Chu, threw himself on the Dragon Boat Festival and became a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan. The Dragon Boat Festival custom includes eating zongzi, dragon boat racing, hanging calamus, Artemisia mugwort, mugwort leaves, angelica dazhi, drinking realgar wine, etc.)

Zongzi is a kind of delicious food which is wrapped with glutinous rice and Jujube. You can also use bean paste, meat or other food instead of jujube according to your favorite taste

the Dragon Boat Festival

Our  company has prepared various kinds of Zongzi (following food ) for everyone to eat with our families.

The dragon boat festival-1 Zongzi

2)Holiday date 

It will be the holiday from Jun.12th to 14th . During this holiday ,we are out of office .While if you have any urgent thing ,you can also send e-mail to us . We will reply you at the first time .


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