Restriction on the electricity consumption of enterprises

It is the latest policy that we would like to update for you .

Due to the impact of the COVID-19, many countries couldn’t produce normal .  China has more better control for the COVID-19 and most of the factories can produce normally .

China’s export orders have skyrocketed and factories are producing at full capacity. It  led to a surge in electricity consumption across the country, but the electricity production has not increased. Now the state requires restrictions on the electricity consumption of enterprises. We have received notices which has  lead to some product prices Increase, and the delivery time is extended . 

Following is the different requirement for the different cities . We are 河北(Hebei province),and belong to the green part .  It has less effect for the ledger stone now . But we think that it will have more affect after Oct.1.No enterprise exists alone, and will influence each other.

Red is a first-level warning, and the representation is very severe, orange is a second-level warning, and the representation is more severe, and green is a third-level warning, which indicates that the overall situation is smooth





Post time: Sep-28-2021