Over 100 million dollars orders created in 45 days

                                      A special team and competition 

80 export business teams created 100 million sales in the 45 days . It was from Aug.17th to Sep.30th . We gave a special name for this game  .The “Hundred Regiments War” performance PK competition has come to an end  but the spirit of PK and the mechanism of PK will last forever. We have seen that there are both large orders worth millions of dollars and small orders worth dozens of hundreds in 45 days, but they are trickling. Our small orders have turned into good performance. These are examples worthy of our learning and catching up. Our performance is better than last year. There is a certain contingency in it, but after everyone’s efforts, contingency can be transformed into inevitable, and then can it be transformed into Orders. The environment and difficulties are the same. It depends on who can make one’s empty cup mentality, learn more and absorb useful knowledge and skills, learn more about the industry and market, and be more sensitive to deal opportunities. We have produced a million yuan hero this year and work hard. Persevere and keep yourself excellent, we will definitely be able to usher in a million-dollar hero, come on!


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Post time: Oct-14-2021