Under the global epidemic situation in 2020

Recently, the epidemic situation in China has gradually come under control, but the epidemic situation around the world has accelerated to spread. The United States, Russia, Britain, Italy, and other industrial countries have become the hardest hit areas. At present, the number of overseas confirmed cases has exceeded 13.1 million, the daily number of confirmed cases is increasing by 25000 + and the death toll is close to 600000. All along, in the face of the epidemic situation, we have always said that we should prepare for the worst, but at present, there seems to be no bottom line for this “worst”

The concept of “new infrastructure” proposed by national ministries and commissions will become a good medicine to boost China’s and even the global economy. As a subdivision industry closely connected with the world, stone is difficult to be alone in any international situation. Moreover, the stone industry is highly dependent on the current overseas epidemic areas (Italy, Japan, Iran, the Mediterranean rim, Europe and the United States and other regions). More than half of the high-end marble import and semi-finished products export, overseas investment and M & A are closely related to the above countries.

1. Under the epidemic situation, the layout of overseas investment in stone should be reevaluated and intervened prudently. The global spread of the epidemic has cast a huge shadow on the future global economy. The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates at a high level and exceeded expectations, which has triggered central banks to follow suit and usher in a global economic crisis. The instability of national policies and economy will continue to increase the uncertainty of overseas investment and M & A of stone enterprises. Overseas investment in the early stage and in transit should be reevaluated and intervened prudently;

2. We should weaken the impact of overseas epidemic prone countries on stock import and export business. It is expected that more than 6 months of the epidemic situation will affect the import and export of stones in the Mediterranean and other countries. At least, it is expected that the export and import of stones in the Mediterranean countries and other countries will be affected by the weakening of the import and export of stones in the Mediterranean Countries and other countries. China’s epidemic situation has gradually stabilized, and there should be room for re layout of the domestic market.

3. Under the policy background of active national finance and stable currency, we should adjust the distribution of assets and liabilities as soon as possible, reduce operating costs, enrich cash flow, wait for the market to stabilize, follow the policy closely, and seize the strategic development opportunities of China’s “new infrastructure”. The investment intensity of China’s infrastructure planning of more than 30 trillion yuan will be mainly distributed in Yunnan, Fujian, Sichuan, Henan, Shaanxi and other places. The investment scale of Yunnan is 5 trillion yuan, and the investment scale of other provinces is nearly 4 trillion yuan.

Post time: Oct-11-2020